What we do


  • Provision of scholarships and material support
  • Child sponsorship
  • Children’s rights advocacy
  • Psychosocial support
  • Recreational activities

Health Education

  • Counseling and guidance
  • Sexual Reproductive health and HIV/AIDS
  • Life skills

Livelihood Improvement

    • Career guidance
    • Household economic security
    • Vocational Training


Through enhancing the quality of education as an essential component for human development
 AK is recognizing its responsibility to respond to labor market needs in terms of entrepreneurship, high creativity, responsibility, discipline, morality, virtue, professional ethics, and honesty in its efforts to promote development. It’s looking at involving members in various educational activities like ICT, Vocational trainings and promoting individual’s talents and the main aim of all this is to eradicate poverty since most Ugandans live below the poverty line.


In all that we do, we set exemplary standards for a better tomorrow by being the voice to the voiceless because everybody deserves equal treatment.